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legalscales-TNobody plans on being injured. Nobody plans on having to hire a personal injury lawyer. But nothing interrupts a life in progress more than an injury.

It can take away your ability to work and earn a living. It can result in mounting medical bills and other debts. It can impair your ability to engage in physical activities and enjoy your life.

And if you have been hurt through someone else’s carelessness or neglect, you have a legal claim for compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

For something as important as being compensated for these life changing losses, it goes without saying that you should hire the best possible representation.

Have you been injured and need legal help? Call our firm at 504-465-0101.

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Nationaltriallawyers-150Our firm has a track record of excellence in obtaining superior results for injured clients through pre-lawsuit settlements, litigation, arbitrations and mediations.

From the start, the firm will take over communication with the insurance company, conduct necessary investigation and document all of your losses. Every effort will be made to settle your case on favorable terms without a lawsuit, but we are willing to fight all the way through jury trial if necessary to get you fair compensation.

For over 15 years the Law Offices of Lance J. Robinson has been representing clients who have been injured by the carelessness and neglect of others in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Compassion And Integrity

BBB-140At the Law Offices of Lance J. Robinson, we never lose sight of the fact that our clients have been through an unwanted traumatic experience that has disrupted their lives.

We pride ourselves on a level of personal service that goes beyond protecting our clients’ legal rights. Effective representation requires respect within the legal community, within the insurance industry and their lawyers, and the judges whom we deal with on a daily basis.

The Law Offices of Lance J. Robinson has always striven to maintain the highest ethical standards while providing committed and passionate advocacy. Our opponents respect our reputation for honorable and zealous representation.